Diaz & Ayu

are getting married

Our Story

Diaz said….

Ayu Puspa Lestari is the answer to all the prayers I have prayed, and the effort I have done. She is kind of person who can take care of me, motivate me, understand my work life, and always try to make me a better person. The first time when i met with her was introduced by one of my bestfriends in my academy, and that’s the beginning where I started getting her heart.
I convince myself that she is the figure of a woman who will be my companion for the rest of my life. As time goes by, not only the happines we passed, but also when time get rough. After one years, with my sincerity and my determination, I propose and ask her to be my wife.

Ayu said…

Meeting him is a fate, and I never thought that he is the one I choose to spend the rest of my life. One of my friends introduced us both and we continue to know each other. At first.. yes I was not so sure of him, but as time goes by, I felt that indeed he was the right person. It seems like entire universe conspired to help me found him.
We go through a lot of things in our relationship, but it’s my belief that makes me willing to accept his propose at that time. He is the person I always pray to god as a life partner, and he gave me an example to be a good person. I am convinced of the proverb that if we are a good person, god will send the same person as good as we are.

Bride & Groom

Ipda Diaz Y Jananuraga. S.T.K

Ipda Diaz Y Jananuraga. S.T.K

Ayu P Lestari. S.I.Kom

Ayu P Lestari. S.I.Kom

The Countdown Begins…

“Love will come in the right time, right place with the right person, so be patience and have faith”








Event Details


Kediaman Bpk. Kombes Pol. (Pur) Drs. Haryogo.

Komplek Perumahan Karang Pola. Jln Karang Pola VII No. 5C. Jatipadang, Pasar Minggu – Jakarta Selatan


Carani Ballroom Sasana Kriya

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Timur

Thank You

It is an honor and happiness for us when you can join to our wedding.

Please let us know if you are attending.